EDC Finance is celebrating its 30th year in business as an economic development financing entity since its formation in April 1987.  Over the past three decades, EDC Finance worked with hundreds of businesses, developers, and farmers who have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in projects to strengthen Lancaster County’s economic position.  For its first 20 years of existence, EDC Finance focused primarily on administering state economic development loan funds through the PA Department of Community and Economic Development.  Over the past decade, EDC Finance broadened its reach to also include local administration of SBA 504 loans, Building PA loans through the Commonwealth Financing Authority, and tax exempt bank loans through its partnership with Penn IDA.  Most recently, EDC Finance extended beyond Lancaster County by working with its economic development partners in Adams, Cumberland, and York Counties to deliver the SBA 504 loan product in their communities.

As EDC Finance celebrates this milestone and looks to the future of assisting more great economic development projects, now is a great time to view a list of local companies and developers who completed their projects in conjunction with EDC Finance Corporation over the past decade: http://edcfinancecorp.com/news-resources/previous-projects/. To learn more about how EDC Finance can work with your next economic development project, feel free to call Lyle Hosler, Director of Finance at 397-4046.