Multi-Tenant Building loans are provided through EDC Finance Corporation in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) to assist developers acquiring, renovating, expanding, or constructing a building that will house two or more eligible businesses.

Key Benefits

  • Below market interest rates
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Long term fixed interest rates

Funding Uses & Purposes

  • Land acquisition
  • Building construction \ expansion \ renovation
  • Soft costs related to above items


Borrowers acquiring or developing commercial real estate that will house two or more businesses in the following industries, with one business not occupying more than 80% of the building:

  • Agricultural Processors
  • Agricultural Producers
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Research & Development

Loan Structure

EDC Finance will provide a PIDA Multi-Tenant Building loan in an amount up to 50% of project costs if secured in a 1st mortgage position or up to 40% of project costs if secured in a 2nd mortgage position.  The remaining project financing may come from a commercial bank or borrower injection with a maximum 90% loan to value on real estate for qualified borrowers.


  • $2,250,000 maximum loan amount for all borrowers up to 40% – 50% of project costs


  • 7 Year Fixed Interest Rate Option:  Borrowers may select the option of the posted 7 year fixed rate loan, which will reset for the remaining term to the 10-year Treasury rate with a 2% maximum increase or decrease compared to the original interest rate
  • Full Term Fixed Interest Rate: All borrowers not selecting the 7 year rate option will receive the posted fixed rate option for the life of the loan
  • Up to a 15 year term for real estate
  • 10 Year Term/20 Year amortization options are available
  • Interest only payments permitted for the first 2 years

Job Requirements

Not applicable, however, projects containing industrial tenants must have a combined minimum of 25 full-time jobs amongst all tenants in the building

Closing Costs

  • 1.5% commitment fee
  • 1.0% PIDA approval & closing fee
  • Title insurance is required